Washington Sundar’s Dad Unhappy As Son Scored 62 Runs & Not A Century, Twitter Reacts

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If I may generalise for a bit, Indian parents are never happy with anything less than perfect. Results weren’t good enough if we got anything less than a 90, jobs aren’t good enough if we aren’t living in a luxurious 3BHK at 25, and marriage isn’t good enough if we don’t have a kid in a year.

And Indian cricketer Washington Sundar’s father’s reaction on him not scoring a century is reminding Twitter of every Indian parent ever!

According to News18, Sundar scored 62 runs off 144 balls on the 3rd day of the 4th test match between India and Australia.

“I am disappointed he did not get a 100. When Siraj came, he should have hit fours and sixes. He is capable of that. He should have gone for sixes. He could have gone for pulls and big hits. Perhaps, he thought of trying to come close to Australia’s total as the lead was very less,” Sundar’s father said.

For desi people online, this was relatable AF! Many cracked jokes about how Washinton Sundar wasn’t good as ‘Sharma Ji ka beta’!

Washington Sundar's father is as typical Indian father as there is one. https://t.co/SyT0TAqHl6

— Hale Muduka (@Ashtaa_vakra) January 17, 2021

Play the knock of your career on foreign soil, earn the love and respect of the entire nation.

Indian parent: pic.twitter.com/pu7EJdfaC6

— Sayantan Ghosh (@sayantansunnyg) January 18, 2021

Typical Indian father…… pass ho gaya ladka uski khushi nahi par 100% kyun nahi aye uska dukh 😭😭

— gem desi mojito (@desimojito) January 17, 2021

Sharmaji ke bete ko dekho..

— KM🏀 (@Surtilala24) January 17, 2021

I think when he was born, his father wanted him to become President of the United States.

— Garuda (@Garudamanthana) January 17, 2021

Washington Sundar couldn’t be Sharma ji ka ladka according to his dad 😜#SharmaTheLegend

— NV (@rookie_tweet) January 17, 2021

Typical indian parents 😂😂

— रजनीश (@1920Rajneesh) January 17, 2021

The day isn’t far when Washington Sundar gets to score a century. Perhaps all his father has to do is wait for a while!

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