Someone Bakes A Cookie On MacBook Charger, Twitter ‘Heats Up’ With Jokes

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We’ve all heard of electronics (laptops, phones, adapters, or chargers) overheating but have you seen them bake cookies? The Indian Express reports that recently a Twitter user shared images of a MacBook charger that seemed to turn a ball of cookie dough into a choco-chip cookie. The post has struck a chord with so many social media users that it has already garnered 397,000 likes and around 40,000 retweets.

— mea (@MIA_mea_) January 13, 2021

Some people noted that it might be true as their own chargers got quite heated up while in use. Others said they had been using the chargers as a heating pad for period cramps and a leg warmer during winters but didn’t try the baking feature yet.

As someone who use a macbook air this is 100% true

— AlbyTO *EZ ANIME ON APRIL 10TH!!!* (@Alby_The_Otaku) January 15, 2021

This is what my Mac charger can do! Apple is a genius.😛 A portable oven, who would have thought! 🤯

I definitely accept these cookies. Hahaha

— Jay from sumHR (@jaythaker) January 15, 2021

Wow I’ve been using my charger wrong all this time

— trav (@traviieeyoo) January 15, 2021

I could cook an omelette on the back of my laptop the way it heats up when Im downloading a document lol

— nesquik (@_simsimmma) January 15, 2021

I used my charger as a heating pad for my cramps…. damn

— Harley (@harlaylaymarie) January 15, 2021

Funny af cause it definitely be hot as hell. 😭

🎃 (@mtariee) January 15, 2021

Some problem

— Bedirhan (@bedirhngl) January 15, 2021

Burnt into my new couch once

— rose (@sacredrose_) January 15, 2021

How is it with eggs & pancakes?

Depending on results, could be a morning routine game changer.

— Chad Heft (@ChadHeft) January 14, 2021

Next time, place a piece of parchment paper under the dough. It’ll make clean up super easy and won’t leave your charger greasy. Just sayin’!

— Rish Rhymes with Wish (@RishKhimji) January 14, 2021

However, a few people wondered if the pictures were fake, take a look.

These are two different cookie doughs. The one on the left is rolled in a ball, while the one on the right came from a package that’s cut into squares.

I knew making store-bought cookie dough would some day pay off!

— Casual Costumer (@CasualCostumer) January 15, 2021

What do you think? Are these pictures are real or fake? Tell us!

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