Kim Kardashian Accused Of ‘Blackfishing’ After She Forgot To Tan Her Hand In Video

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American TV personality, Kim Kardashian West, recently found herself in soup after she posted a video of her OOTD on social media. In the short clip, Kim could be seen dressed in a tan leather jacket and pants, pretty much recreating the retro look.

As a routine, she also tanned her face to look a little darker than her own skin tone. However, she missed matching her hand to her face color and they appear to be much lighter-toned than the rest of her body. And that immediately caught the attention of people online.


— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) January 13, 2021

Commenting on how her hand looked ‘unnaturally pale’, people accused her of ‘blackfishing’. For the uninitiated, ‘blackfishing’ is the new social media term used for people altering their skin tone (using various methods like makeup, surgery, etc.)  to look darker, black, or mixed.

Take a look at how people reacted to her video:

How you have a tan face but your hand the same skin tone as pepa pig

— Leo 🌊 (@Leo_Mendoza14) January 14, 2021

brown skin girrrrlll hand whiter than them pearlssss

— tia✊🏾 (@MlNAJHQ) January 15, 2021

literally what is wrong with u why do you wanna be black so bad bye asf

— isaac (@isaaccmusic1) January 15, 2021

kim you forgot to put foundation on ur hands💀

— kalibangon ko (@kitkatdcc) January 15, 2021

Her hand is the same shade as raw chicken

— Chu (@chumunga64) January 15, 2021

kim you’re literally blackfishing

— audz (@audreymybooty) January 15, 2021

You forgot to tan your hand

— bbychas (@bbychas1) January 14, 2021

U must be stopped I’m sorry

— 824k_Jr ✪ (@824kJr) January 13, 2021

She’s so in denial of her true color of her Skin 😬

— Willsee (@WillsTrucco) January 13, 2021

— U.Wore.a.JeanVest👨🏽‍🔧 (@TURKBISH_) January 13, 2021

it’s the face to hand ratio for me… her hands look cold & uncooked

— SASHA JT OBAMA (@__lilSB) January 13, 2021

Looks absolutely crazy. Wanna be Black so fucking bad. Ugh

— Rebellious Scholar (@larryemcdaniel) January 13, 2021

Everybody I know likes a tan including myself. Why all the hate on color tone on someone else’s skin?!! Everybody is equal in the eyes of god. Color does not matter. Like Martin Luther said the quality of one’s character is what’s important.

— BB (@BB09627302) January 13, 2021

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