‘Honestly On A Menu’ Restaurant’s Honest Description Of Their Food Is A Hit Online

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Have you ever had trouble understanding menus of restaurants serving different cuisines? I mean, it took me a while to understand what ‘lotus roots with szechwan sauce’ and ‘focaccia’ were! Honestly, it would have been great if all restaurants explained their dishes the way this Chinese place did.

A woman recently took to Twitter to reveal how her favourite Chinese place in Montreal, Canada, named ‘Aunt Dai’ had a superbly honest menu wherein the chef not just explained the dish but also added hilarious comments, reports Times Now.

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For example, while explaining Orange Beef, the chef mentioned that the dish isn’t as good as the General Tao Chicken but ultimately it is the customer’s call.

The chef also critiqued one of the most popular dishes in the menu, and in China, and said that their version isn’t as good compared to the one he ate near his university.

While explaining the Satay Sauce Beef, he said that while the dish was popular amongst his customers, he personally didn’t get a chance to try it.

“Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant,” he wrote.

I love how he said that there are potato dishes beyond french fries, mashed potatoes and chips! Desis would agree.

Here are some other food recommendations that would make you laugh too!

Have a look at the woman’s tweets here:

Aunt Dai is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the owner. pic.twitter.com/FpA1xt0GrF

— Kim Belair (@BagelofDeath) January 10, 2021

Hell yeah absolutely!! But also, temper your expectations. pic.twitter.com/4jWZRN3YJB

— Kim Belair (@BagelofDeath) January 10, 2021

And people online have become massive fans of this restaurant. Many expressed their wish to visit Montreal only so that they could eat at Aunt Dai.

Im just trying figure out wtf “wood ear” is.
But I love this owner’s mini take on the dishes. 10/10.

— Guile (@Guile_The_Exile) January 11, 2021

I now must eat here at some point in my life. Like I will get a passport, wait for Covid to be contained, exchange my US dollars for Canadian currency and make a trip to try this charming place

— Meg (@cantkillheros) January 11, 2021

Honesty, on a menu! https://t.co/Ej889z6JKG

— Melanie Simmons (@msimmonsm) January 18, 2021

This is sheer perfection. https://t.co/c2HEnzELRZ

— Nathan Phillips (@NathanDPhillips) January 16, 2021

Frankly, it's one more reason to want to move to Canada 🤭https://t.co/5BDs8bFCXG

— @…and the sun will fucking rise… (@biblioholicbeth) January 16, 2021

Why is this so charming? https://t.co/iXf11WIWSy

🌈lisa🍭 (@LisaNun) January 16, 2021

If anybody is looking forward to opening a restaurant, perhaps you could turn to Aunt Dai for inspiration!

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