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This is the last CityLab newsletter of the hellish year that was 2020. To ring in the New Year, here is some of our most popular content. 

Amateur Air Pollution Trackers Are Mapping Western Wildfire Smoke

Using cheap PurpleAir sensors, residents are capturing a real-time portrait of an environmental crisis. 

Your Old Radiator Is a Pandemic-Fighting Weapon

Learn to love the clanky old radiator that overheats your apartment.

What Happens When a Pandemic Meets a Heat Wave

Communities that face extreme summer temperature are also the ones most vulnerable to Covid-19.

Police Response Slowed. The Community Stepped In

When the police took more time to respond to 911 calls, Minneapolitans turned to alternatives.

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents 

A news-making interview with Philly's district attorney.

What Happens When the 1% Go Remote

It doesn't take very many ultra-wealthy Americans changing their address to wreak havoc on cities' finances. 

Behind the Accidentally Resilient Design of Athens Apartments

The most popular piece in our series on iconic home designs that define global cities.

How the Coronavirus Recovery Is Changing Cities 

An early look at how the pandemic would transform cities, with colorful animations by Joel Plosz.

Why Trump's 'Beautiful' Federal Building Order May Be Here to Stay

The lasting impact of one of Trump's post-election executive orders. 

Andrea Chronopoulos/Bloomberg

Editor's Note: In yesterday's newsletter, we neglected to include the link to the full CityLab winter survival guide. You can find our collection of cold-weather coverage here, and sign up to receive alerts about new stories.

Our Favorite Big Projects

Your Year in Maps

Readers around the world visualize their experiences of the trauma, tumult and transformation brought on by Covid-19.

The Iconic Home Designs That Define Our Global Cities
To understand a city, start with the foundation. Floor plans from homes around the world explain how the way we live has shaped the design and architecture of urban neighborhoods — and vice versa.
Pandemic Travel Patterns Hint at Our Urban Future
A snapshot of global transportation during six months of the Covid-19 pandemic reveals diverging paths for cities. 

What we're reading

What will 2021 hold for cities? (Atlantic) With remote learning, a 12-year-old knows her English is slipping away (New York Times) The Covid-19 relief bill has saved up to 40 million people from eviction — for now (Vox) These tech companies are paying workers the same rates across the U.S. (Wall Street Journal) I for one will miss the 70 Duane Reades that closed this year (Curbed) After a century of growth, have carbon emissions reached their peak? (Grist)


And, of course, happy New Year.


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